Baking for all occasions

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Treasure Map!

My Little brother was turning 15 and asked my parents if he could celebrate his birthday with his sisters in Utah. Johnny loves hunting for treasure so this is the cake I put together for him. It is a chocolate cake with chocolate filling, buttercream frosting and topped with a fondant map that was hand drawn using edible ink. I wish the jewels had been edible but I still haven't learned how to do sugar work yet, nor can I afford those fun silicone jewel molds. All in good time. :)
Over all I think the birthday boy loved it. 
The sale price of this cake would have been $29.64

Sunday, October 16, 2011

So Sweet!

When I came home from the boutique Saturday night I opened the garage door and found this...
My little man (helped by daddy) made a sign for me! I also walked into a clean house! Then I found this in the bathroom...

My hubby made his own sign for me. :) It was so nice to come home to a clean home and two great guys that love me so much.

Fall Boutique!

This was my display at the fall boutique. I brought the cake pops, black forest and pina colada cupcakes as well as spaghetti cupcakes! I look forward to the next time I can participate in a boutique like this. It was a lot of fun and I made a bunch of great new friends.

Halloween Cake Pops!

I made some spice cake and cream cheese cake pops for a fall boutique that I did with some friends. Cute huh?

Monday, October 3, 2011

So Excited!!!

I finally ordered business cards! They turned out super cute and I can't wait to start handing them out.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Well, there you go. I have finally started a blog and have it completely up to date with the cakes that I have done so far. I'm new to this blog stuff but I hope it goes well. I'll do my best to post pics often and remember to include descriptions and prices. Thank you to my amazing family for your support. My son loves helping me get rid of leftover frosting and my husband does a wonderful job keeping Garrett busy so I can finish the job. You two make my life worth living and I love you so much. Good night all! And happy baking!!!


And this is what I see every time I'm working on a cake. Crazy kid!

The Princess and the Frog!

My niece called me one night and said, "Aunty Mia, you make me princess frog cake?" How could I say no? This is a 9X13 oval, chocolate cake, buttercream filling, fondant accents and a plastic topper. She loved it, hurray! $35.00

Bridal Shower Cupcakes!

Black forrest cupcakes with chocolate frosting and fondant flowers. 3 dozen $28.94

Sponge Bob!

This cake was so much fun to make! It's a strawberry cake with strawberry filling, covered in fondant with yellow cake and frosting kraby patties. $56.70

Medical Themed Cupcakes!

I was called to be the YW Camp Director this summer and loved it! It was the hardest calling I've ever had but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Our theme was Camp V.I.T.A.L Signs. (Virtuous In Thought, Action and Language) I made these cupcakes for the awards night. They are pina colada and black forrest cupcakes topped with fondant decorations. $36.99 for 4 dozen


This was the real cake for the fireside. 6" and 10" round white cake with raspberry cream filling, covered in fondant and decorated with gumpaste flowers. $36.02

Cherry Blossoms!

6" and 10" dummy cakes covered in fondant and decorated with gumpaste blossoms. $34.06  This cake was for display at a bishops fireside.

50th Anniversary!

I made this cake for some very close friends, almost family, in montana. 7", 10", 13", 16" ovals, Carrot cake with cream cheese filling, white cake with raspberry cream filling, covered in fondant, decorated with chocolate horseshoes and gumpaste flowers. $234.00

Bridal Shower!

These are black forrest and peach cobbler cupcakes topped with fondant flowers. Very yummy and pretty darn cute!

Modern Gerber Daisies!

A good friend of mine was having a birthday and she loves gerber daisies. I tried something a little different here. What do you think?

Prunella Cupcakes!

These are a little different but very yummy. These cupcakes are made with prunes and most people aren't willing to try it but I honestly think they are delicious.

Cow and Lime Green!

The mom-to-be decorated the nursery in lime green and cow print for her baby boy. The cake is a 14" marble cake, buttercream filling, covered in fondant and the belly is rice krispy treats covered in fondant. $52.49

Amanda's Wedding Cake!

I love this cake! It turned out so beautiful! 10" and 14" cake dummies, 6" and 10" White cakes, buttercream filling and covered in fondant. The fountain, pillars, mirror and flowers were provided by the brides mother who use to decorate cakes as well. They also paid me to arrange the flowers. $245.00


Once again my husband volunteered to bring the dessert for an office luncheon and the theme was mexican. I didn't have a lot of time so this is what I came up with. I used giant snickerdoodle cookies for the taco shells, chocolate cake and chocolate frosting as the meat, coconut for the lettuce, cherries for the tomatoes, candy melts for cheese and cream cheese frosting for sour cream. $26.06

Churro Cupcakes!

Oh yes, I did! Don't these just make your mouth water? Or at least make you want to hop on a roller coaster? I made these for a ward dinner and they went so fast! definitely one of my favorite cupcakes ever!

Say Cheese!!!

I made this cake for a Friends of Scouting cake auction in my ward. It's a 10" round spice cake filled with cream cheese and covered in fondant. The mice are my favorite part! I made them out of fondant and stuck them to the cake using toothpicks. This cake auctioned for $52.00  if I had sold it I would have charged $29.80  Not bad huh?!

Scrollwork Wedding!

This is my cousins wedding cake. The final piece was topped with deep red roses. 8" and 10" rounds, 9" hexagon, white cake, vanilla buttercream, fondant and black royal icing scrollwork. $120.00

The Little Mermaid!

This cake was super easy! I wish I could remember how much I charged.....I think it was only about $20 or $25

Brightly Colored Music!

My sister Michaela loves bright colors and does amazingly well with her music. This cake is a 6" and 9" paisley chocolate cake filled with mint icing and frosted in buttercream and fondant for the decorations. I didn't charge my mom for this cake but if I had it would have been $44.59


For my son's 2nd birthday I made a Cars Cake. 9X13 chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling, fondant and toy cars. If I had sold this cake I would have charged $56.20. My son loved the cake and wouldn't let go of the toy cars for days after.

Back to the Future III!

By far one of my favorite cakes ever! 6” and 10” Rounds, Yellow Cake with Buttercream Filling, Covered in Fondant, Sprayed with Edible Paint and Accented with Plastic Toys and Fondant.
 Cost: $63.88

Scrub Shirt!

I made this one for my sister-in-law who is in nursing school. She loves jello cake and that type of cake can't be decorated out of the pan. I used whipped icing and sprayed it black then accented with fondant.

Let it Snow!

These snowflakes were cut out of fondant, dusted with white and silver luster dust and accented with edible pearls. Aren't they pretty?


Momma Mia! It's a pizza pie! Not really, it's a pizza cake! I used strawberry jam for the sauce, fondant for the toppings and grated white chocolate as the cheese. Mmmmm
Okay, All of the cakes that I have posted so far are cakes that were done 2009-2010. The next posts will all be from this current year. I will also be trying to add better descriptions of the cakes as well as prices. If anyone is interested in placing an order please email me with cake in the subject. I am so excited that I'm finally doing this! Business has picked up and which gives me plenty of practice and some stress relief I might add.


The house is styrofoam covered in fondant and the smurfs are plastic toys.

Spaghetti and Meatballs!

These cupcakes were a huge hit with my husbands office. They were having an Italian luncheon at work and Scott offered to bring the dessert.

It's a Pig!

My sister Jessica loves pigs so I baked the cake in two pirex bowls and covered them in fondant. This cake is one of my many favorites and it actually hurt to cut into it!


My Aunt Ginnie brought me a 3D train cake pan and asked me to make the cake for my cousin Nick! He loved trains when he was younger and I love this new cake pan! Thanks again Aunt Ginnie!!

Simple Wedding!

My first paid for wedding cake! The bride asked for something simple and small so I gave it to her. 6", 8", 10" rounds with White cake, vanilla buttercream and fondant. The flowers are silk and the temple topper was provided by the bride.

First Topsy Turvy Cake Ever!

I made this cake for my Birthday! Let me just say that my husband did offer to make my cake but I asked him to let me do it since I had been wanting to try a topsy turvy for a while. After googling several how to videos I got started and I think it was success!

Another Anniversary!

A very simple cake for my in-laws. It was red velvet with cream cheese filling.


I wasn't sure how to make a guitar cake look cool, this was the best I could come up with.

Pregnant Belly!

Isn't this Cute!!

Red Roses for Momma!

My friend asked me to make this cake for her mothers Birthday. Once again, thank you Joanns for premade roses. (hehe)

A little something for Grandma!

Scott's Grandma Johnston was having a birthday and wasn't doing much for the big day, so we stopped by for a visit and I brought her this cake. It was just a small 6" round since it was only her at home and no, I did not make that rose. Thank you Joanns Craft for selling beautiful silk flowers. ;)

Under the Sea!

This little boy loved whales and sharks. I covered the cake in buttercream and used fondant and candy melt molds for the decorations. The water coming out of the whale is just wire that I covered with royal icing and dusted with blue luster dust.

Practice Cakes!

I got bored one day and decided to play around with some leftover batter and fondant.

Gerber Daisey Anniversary!

A close friend of ours wanted a cake to surprise his wife for their anniversary. She loves Gerber Daisies so I did my best. I think it turned out pretty nice.

Mommy's Cake!

My mom was in town for her birthday and this is the cake I made for her. She loves the color purple and I think I gave her plenty of it.

Celtic Themed Wedding!

My first wedding cake ever!!! My Aunt was getting married in California and when my mom and I got there my aunt asked if I would decorate her cake. She baked the cake and made all the frosting and even her own fondant! I was so happy to help and it turned out great! She even gave me the recepie for home made marshmallow fondant. From now on I will be making my own fondant because this stuff is so yummy! This fondant you actually eat and not scrape off.